An Integral Epistemology for Enlightenment

Review 2

Review of the Cyberbook:

I would advise anyone who is interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the one hand, and Spiritual matters on the other, to read this Cyberbook. They will then learn that these two seemingly very distant approaches to the understanding of human consciousness could be saying the very same thing (only in terms adapted to their own time). The way in which the author presents the astonishing similarities between the most contemporary methodology spoken of in Communication Psychology (NLP) and the most ancient spiritual concepts and practices known to us, in a clear and easy-to-read fashion, will leave any reader speechless. This book puts centuries and centuries of Spirituality into a new perspective and convincingly suggests that the science of NLP could be the path to the same kind of blissful state attained by ancient spiritual practices. The author shows that the enlightenment man has sought throughout the times by engaging into so called altered states of consciousness can be readily accessed by NLP techniques and that the "mystery" hidden behind that essential question mankind has never ceased to ask, i.e., "Who Am I?", is the very same "entity" that can now be tapped by the practice of this scientific method.

Each of the sections and sub-sections are hyperlinked (important concepts/names of people are highlighted and linked to their own page) resembling a maze of 108 pages of interconnected information.

This is not a manual on how to put NLP into practice - in fact the author himself advises that NLP techniques should only be learnt under the supervision of a properly trained guide - but the unravelling of its potential as a path not only for attaining spiritual enlightenment but also for maintaining it as an accessible state!

These ideas deserve to be seriously considered. 

RTB, Portugal. 
September 2001.