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You can visit a number of NLP related and other interesting Web sites on the Internet:

* NLP related Web sites:

  • NLP Comprehensive ( Founded by Steve and Connirae Andreas. Tom Dotz, President. One of the oldest and most reputed NLP training organizations in the world. The most complete NLP bookstore on the web.
  • ANLP ( A site owned by the Association for NLP in Britain. They aim to provide details of current events in the world of NLP and also to provide information about people and organisations that offer services in this field.
  • NLP FAQ and Resources ( A Web site supervised by Dale Kirby, where you can read NLP related frequently asked questions.
  • NLP Seminars Group International ( A Web site run by John La Valle of the Society of NLP.
  • Merl's World on NLP ( A comprehensive NLP related Web site which has been in constant evolution since its creation in 1994.
  • NLP Therapy & Coaching ( John David Hoag, an outstanding NLP Trainer and Health Practitioner, helps his clients resolve problems and achieve their goals. His office is in the San Francisco Bay Area and he works with clients around the world via phone.
  • Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning ( The famed HAMR self help site. Full instructions on how to rewire your own brain. (See especially their "Hypnosis and NLP" page.)
  • Final Dialogue ( Wolfgang Bernard's platonic dialogue style e-mail teaching based on the principles of nonduality common to Advaita Vedanta, Zen, and Sufism.
  • Directory of NLP Resources ( A resource list of trainers, educators, health professionals, therapists and counselors who use NLP as part of their practice.
  • NLP Resources ( A Web site dedicated to providing the users with NLP tools, techniques and contacts for the users to improve the quality of their life.
  • NLP Institute of California ( The Silicon Valley and San Fransisco area's premier NLP/Human Patterning training organization. Tim and Kris Hallbom are the co-directors of the Institute.
  • Southern Institute of NLP ( This organization was started in 1979 and located in Florida. They present training at practitioner, Masters, Trainer Levels, and have an extensive selection of NLP videos with Robert Dilts, Richard Bandler, Milton Erickson, Maryann & Ed Reese, Bill O'Hanlon.
  • The NLP Center of New York ( The web page of the NLP Center of New York, established 1986, offers NLP training, Ericksonian Hypnosis Training, Special Guest Training, NLP coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in New York City, NLP articles, NLP related Links and FAQs.
  • Collège Romand de PNL ( An NLP training center based in the french part of Switzerland. Lots of useful information about NLP, NLP books and links.
  • Integration for Body, Heart and Soul ( NLP and personal development site including links to other mind, body and spirit sites.

* Spirituality/New Age related Web Site:

  • ( The most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the WWW.
  • NewAge On-Line Australia ( Australia's own site for everything New Age.
  • New Paradigm Books ( They translate into English 'New Age' books from abroad, including "Father Ernetti's Chronovisor" by Peter Krassa. See also their online Journal of Pan-Dimensional Literature.
  • The Cannylink Internet Guide ( You can access different New Age related Web sites from this link page of the vast online Internet guide site.

* Forums:

  • You can access the Newsgroup (USENET) dedicated to NLP, at alt.psychology.nlp, where NLP practitioners can discuss NLP related matters with each other.
  • CompuServe has an NLP section in Mind/Body Sciences Forum ('Learning Tech/NLP Section').

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