Guhen Kitaoka's


An Integral Epistemology
for Enlightenment

has now been published.

This CD-ROM book contains 108 HTML files introducing Guhen Kitaoka's integral epistemology (science of how we know what we know) for spiritual enlightenment, and is dedicated to Gregory Bateson and Shankaracharya. It is a unique attempt for an authentic synthesis of the newest in the West (NLP) and the oldest in the East (Vedanta).

In this unique book, Guhen expounded his astonishing finding that what NLP has been presenting as epistemological models in the last 25 years or so is practically one and the same as what Vedanta philosophers and/or psychologists discovered and encoded into the so called scriptures (which are nothing but pure philosophical endevours to seek human truth to the eyes of those who can "decode" them) probably several thousands years ago in India.

Guhen was born in Japan and has been involved in the study of human consciousness for the last two decades. He is an EDT (Enhancing Development Training) trainer based in London, UK.

This "Cyberbook" is divided into the following 16 sections:
* Art
* Buddhism
* Communication Psychology
* Computer/Cybernetics  
* Consciousness
* Dichotomy
* Enlightenment  
* Epistemology 
* Great Masters
* The Guhenian System
* Hypnosis/Meditation
* Learning 
* Psychology
* Vedanta
* Yogas 

You can read extracts of Guhen Kitaoka's Cyberbook. To go to Guhen's site, click here.

The book can be ordered over the Internet through the securely encrypted site (the retail price of a copy is 24.99UKP (plus shipping/handling charge) ). Alternatively, it can be purchased through the Watkins Bookshop, a well known alternative bookshop in Leicester Square, London WC2. For the details of how to order of the book, please click here.

November 2000.

Photo design: Inro, Japanese 1850-1900, Courtesy of the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) Picture Library, London.
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