An Integral Epistemology for Enlightenment

How to Order the CD-ROM Book


There are the following ways of ordering the CD-ROM book "CYBERBOOK: An Integral Epistemology for Enlightenment" (ISBN: 0 9537092 0 5) written by Guhen Kitaoka (the retail price of a copy: 24.99UKP plus shipping/handling charge):

  1. An encrypted secure Web site: You can order the CD-ROM book with your credit card using this encrypted Web site.
  2. The Watkins Bookshop: You can either visit this well known alternative bookshop in Cecil Court, Leicester Square, London WC2 (Tel: (+44) 020-7836 2182), or place a mail order with them.
  3. You can order a copy of the CD-ROM book through online.
  4. Alternatively, you can discuss other ways of purchasing the book with us, by sending your e-mail to

This CD-ROM book is published by Creativity Enhancement Ltd., London, UK.


Some Useful Notes about the CD-ROM Book


NOTE 1: This CD-ROM contains video clips and its total size is about 24MB.
NOTE 2: After purchasing the CD-ROM book, the easiest way to start to read the electronic book will be by opening either the html file called "readme.htm" or "contents.htm" found on the root directory of the CD-ROM (you can open it by double-clicking the file icon). You will also be able to start the book by double-clicking any html file found in the directory called "cyberbook".
NOTE 3: You may want to create a shortcut icon of the "contents.htm" page of the CD-ROM book on your desktop for easier access to the book.
NOTE 4: The CD-ROM is formatted as an ISO 9660, and "can be read by computers running under various operating systems such as DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, Windows, and UNIX" (quoted from one of the Help pages of the CD-ROM writing software, "Adaptec DirectCD").
NOTE 5: The CD-ROM contains a rtf Word file, and video files (avi, etc.), which might not be opened by non PC computers. This problem may be sorted out in the future editions of the book.


Photo design: Inro, Japanese 1850-1900, Courtesy of the V&A Picture Library, London.
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