Guhen Kitaoka

Guhen Kitaoka is a unique trainer of Enhancing Development Training (EDT) who assists his clients with their personal development, creativity enhancement, increased performance, improved communication skills and accelerated learning. He is based in London, UK.

In his work, Guhen incorporates a spiritual approach which results from many years of enquiry, practices, realisation and attainment. He draws together many strands of therapeutic and spiritual disciplines to produce a coherent and efficient methodology. This is designed to increase the effectiveness and contentment of his clients, who span varied professions, such as artists, alternative practitioners, sports people and business consultants.

Guhen was born in Japan and obtained a B.A. Degree there. While he stayed in the Sahara of North Africa for 3 years, the meditative desert experience and the anthropological encounter with the Arab world made him start his spiritual journey in search of the "Higher Self", or the "Larger Mind" of Gregory Bateson.

He began to be interested in the Western psychotherapeutic methodology as the means of accelerating spiritual growth, and was intensively trained in "De-hypnotherapy" in Oregon, USA, during the early eighties; this course consisted of 1,700 hours of sessions, and included the techniques of almost all the Western psychotherapeutic schools such as Gestalt, Primal, Encounter, Rebirthing and Isolation Tank, as well as ancient Eastern techniques including Zen Meditation, Tibetan Meditation, Vipassana Meditation and Chakra Opening.

Guhen is a graduate of the School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy in London (1988), and is NLP Master Practitioner qualified by John Grinder (1989) and NLP Trainer trained by Richard Bandler (1995).


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