The Guhenian System

The Guhenian System is a system (or epistemology) which Guhen Kitaoka (his Indian name being Swami Prabodh Guhen, meaning "depth of awareness") advocates as an "epistemology for spiritual enlightenment".

This system claims that Indian sages already discovered thousands of years ago their "scientific truth" (i.e., a truth about inner science) at the time, and embedded it in their sacred scriptures like Upanishads (fortunately or unfortunately, this "truth" may not be deciphered at all, unless the reader of these scriptures knows how to decode them); as everybody may easily understand, they had to have recourse to a "religious" form of expression, only because they didn't have many sophisticated, specialising branches of science, which began to be compartmentalised in the West only in the last few centuries.

The Guhenian System also claims that the "truth" discovered by these ancient Yogis (rather a model of the world propounded by them) is practically one and the same as that which modern communicational science like NLP has been proposing as its own model of the world for the last 20 years.

If these claims turns out to be true, then there is a real possibility of achieving an "authentic integration of the oldest in the East and the newest in the West".

The most epitomising parallel between the ancient Indian systems like Vedanta and the latest branches of modern psychology like NLP can be found in the equation of the Indian concept "Samskara" with the computer terminology "programming". It is awe-inspiring that these Indian "inner scientists" were able to grasp the fact that human beings are rule-governed, i.e., they can behave and think only according to the inbuilt programmings - a fact that modern men have managed to begin to understand only after the advent of computers and the discovery of Cybernetics - at a time when no computer existed.

The Guhenian System encompasses the systems/epistemologies of the great Indian sages including Patanjali and Shankaracharya, and at the same time, tries to apply the techniques of NLP designed for the purpose of increased performance, improved communication skills and accelerated learning, to the inner process of enlightenment which these ancient masters trod and of which they left their own respective cartography.

The Guhenian System thus tries to provide an "epistemology for spiritual enlightenment", first by mapping the inner process of the ancient enlightened masters, and secondly by offering the way of application of the modern psychological concepts/techniques to the ancient way of achieving enlightenment, for the purpose of accelerating this process and stabilising that "universal state of consciousness" perpetually, namely for 86,400 seconds a day.

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