Buddhism was initiated by the Buddha 2,500 years ago. In brief, the Buddha tried to resurrect the spirit of Hinduism, which was being corrupted at the time. Guhen believes that the reason why Buddhism is practically non-existent in India where it was born, is that it was regarded as an illegitimate child by the traditional Hindus, and expelled from the "family" (India) by them.

There is said to exist a fundamental, unbridgeable difference between Buddhism which advocates the void (a negative position), and Vedanta, a school of Hinduism, which posits a positive God, viz., Brahman (a positive position). In the Guhenian system, this difference can be resolved, and regarded as non-existent, if these two positions are looked at from the point of view of the NLP term "4 Tuple". (Cf. the page "Brahman/Atman Identity".)

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